Alex Stephen on Empowering and Building Trust in Your Team Show Notes


In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews return guest Alex Stephen. Alex Stephen always has this great interpersonal skill that leads him to motivate and inspire many people.

Empowering and Building Trust in Your Team


Introduction of Episode

0:24 – Tony introduces return guest Alex Stephen.

1:05 – Alex recounts his 1st job interview and his story about how he came to the country.

3:30 – Alex talks about his transition from an auditor to a lender.

5:28 – Alex explains his leadership philosophy.

7:24 – Alex talks about how to empower people in a way that it doesn’t setup failure.

9:56 – You have to be honest with your employees and build them up.

12:03 – Alex explains the importance of tone when communicating with your team.

14:28 – Tony explains about the communication in Corporate America and how it is turning to be a trend towards virtual teams.

15:37 – Tony and Alex talk about leadership in the non-corporate environment and its main difference in Corporate America.

17:01 – Tony and Alex discuss how it is when you work with virtual teams.

20:08 – Alex talks about the books that he has written.

21:41 – Alex talks about the commitment he made for his deaf son, what he and his family did for him.

26:18 – Tony summarizes the interview

26:37 – Episode Closing


Alex’s Books:






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