Alex Stephen on Empowering and Building Trust in Your Team

Empowering and Building Trust in Your Team


alex stephenIn this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews return guest Alex Stephen. Alex is a certified public accountant and worked for more than 20 years in different business institutions as a corporate loan officer and Vice president/Director. At present, He is now an author, motivational speaker sharing the wisdom of life’s journey, and TV personality. He also manages and hosts his own TV show and podcasts that targets not only virtual teams but to everyone who needs encouragement. His shows have increases its customer impact. Many individuals want to seek professional services from him. His past co-workers said: “Alex always has the interpersonal skills. And that’s the reason why many clients adore him”.

In episode 39 of Impact Teams Radio, Tony Sherman and Alex Stephen talk about how to empower and build trust in your team. Alex says that the best way to empower your team is to build trust and rapport with them early to gain their attention and respect. Alex stresses the importance of tone when communicating with your team. He says that tone can reduce confusion, reduce rework and improve implementation velocity in your team. He says that you need to be careful with your tone because 90% of people’s tone lead to misunderstanding. Tony also explained that in today’s communication in Corporate America, tone is seldom given a thought since most communication methods are being done digitally through email and other instant messaging methods.

Tony and Alex also talked about how virtual teams are now shaping up the current team compositions of organizations. He says that virtual team management is also a different leadership strategy. Tony explained that in virtual teams, it is important to find members with skills that complement each other and to incorporate a beneficial personal development training program. He says that this is what is being done right now by professional services teams to emphasize customer impact. Alex and Tony also talked about how the bumps and bruises that you encounter along the way can shape and empower you to be the leader that you are now. Listen to this week’s episode of Impact Teams Radio as Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Alex Stephen talk about empowering and building trust in your team.


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