Alex Stephen on Treating Clients the Right Way Show Notes

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In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews Alex Stephens. Alex Stephens always has this great interpersonal skill that leads him to motivate and inspire many people.


Alex Stephen on Treating Clients the Right Way


Introduction of Episode

0:37 – Tony Sherman introduces guest Alex Stephen.

1:12 – Alex introduces himself and shares his educational and work background.

2:37 – Alex talks about his career of being an author, speaker, transformation coach and TV personality.

3:12 – Tony asked Alex to share his favorite quote.

3:33 – Alex talk about his favorite quote from a Chinese proverb: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

3:42 – Alex said that when we are ready and we make that commitment, we will see opportunities; we will see the teachers and we will get the ideas to move forward.

4:25 – Alex shares his two greatest wins that allowed him to be where he is right now.

5:53 – Alex talks about his past experiences with clients.

7:12 – Alex shares about what he learned from his experience: You have to listen to people, don’t jump to conclusions.

7:42 – Tony summarized Alex’s wins

8:30 – Alex further share his past experience which he considers as a big win in his career.

11:20 – Tony asked Alex to share his greatest challenge or failure that taught him a lot.

13:42 – Alex explained that his greatest challenge or struggle was to say no to clients. He wanted to help them in a different way so he gave clients encouragement and motivation on how to do better.

14:01 – Tony agrees to Alex’s method of converting a negative to positive approach.

17:23 – Tony asked Alex about how he developed his skills

17:28 – Alex gives credit and talks about his grandfather because he learned a lot from him.

18:00 – Alex shares what his grandfather told him: “if you want to be successful in life, you must get up before the sun, don’t let the sun get up before you.”

18:52 – Alex talks about what he learned from his grandfather that in anything you do, you must do it with integrity and must treat people as human beings.

19:38 – Tony thanked Alex for guesting in the show. And also asked the listeners to practice one leadership guide to become a better leader

20:05 – Episode closing

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