Alex Stephen on Treating Clients the Right Way

Treating Clients the Right Way


alex stephenIn this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews Alex Stephen. Alex is a certified public accountant and worked for more than 20 years in different business institutions as a corporate loan officer and Vice president/Director. At present, He is now an author, motivational speaker sharing the wisdom of life’s journey, and TV personality. He also manages and hosts his own TV show and podcasts that targets not only virtual teams but to everyone who needs encouragement. His shows have increases its customer impact. Many individuals want to seek professional services from him. His past co-workers said: “Alex always has the interpersonal skills. And that’s the reason why many clients adore him”

Episode 38 talks about the leadership and inspirational story of Alex Stephen, how he became a transformation coach and how he developed as one. Stephen shares his ultimate and favorite quote from a Chinese proverb: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  He said that when we are ready and we make that commitment, we will see opportunities; we will see the teachers and we will get the ideas to move forward. He also talks about two of his biggest wins. These happened when he was working in professional services teams. First, when he was sent out by the company to work on his own since they believed in his implementation velocity and second, when he was requested to be the sole auditor of a certain client. He said that this was a great opportunity for professional services training. One of Stephen’s techniques in gaining clients’ respect and improving customer impact is to listen and understand the people and not jump directly into conclusions.

Tony asked Alex about his greatest challenges or fears. Alex explained that his greatest challenge and biggest struggle was to say no to his clients. He also started talking about past experiences where he really needs to say no because his clients have financial issues. But instead, he will give the clients advice and motivate them to be better. Alex also shares that he learned a lot from his grandfather since he grew up with him. One day, his grandfather told him that “if you want to be successful in life, you must get up before the sun, don’t let the sun get up before you”. Alex believes that in anything you do, you must do it with integrity and must treat people as human beings and it must be done right now to reduce friction and reduce confusion in virtual teams and become an effective and great leader. Listen to this week’s episode of Impact Teams Radio as Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Alex Stephen talk about treating clients the right way.


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