An Interview with Steven Weiner

200x200-steven-weiner-200x200When it comes to leadership development and skills, Steven Weiner, currently working with Menlo University, definitely has a unique understanding of this concept from many years of professional service both in the non-profit and for profit sectors.  In this interview, a number of these valuable lessons are discussed to help you learn a bit more about the struggles, the attributes, and successes of being a leader.

Steven Weiner started down the path of leadership development at the University of Chicago before transitioning to SAIC, a multi billion dollar company.  He provides a number of unique tips about the struggles of going from a non-profit environment to a completely different one with different motivations.  These lessons such as learning to sell yourself and that leadership skills are transferable provide some useful insights on this subject.

There are valuable lessons that can be learned from Steven.  While different industries may require different skill sets, the attributes of leadership tend to remain the same.  He discusses and teaches how to build up others to the point where they can take care of tasks while still keeping quality communication.  He learned over the years that different types of people require different styles of management regardless of the setting.

Steven wraps up his final thoughts about passion being part of his personal formula for success.  Having passion in what you are doing and the organization you are with can provide the motivation needed in order to do the type of work that you really want to be doing.

Due to the diverse settings that Steven Weiner has come from, these are great lessons that anyone developing their skills should listen to.

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