Cross-cultural Leadership and International Business Show Notes


In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Tony interviews returning guest, Fabio Agostini. Fabio Agostini. Fabio is the CIO at Silversea Cruises.


 Fabio Agostini Deep Dive Episode


Introduction of Episode

00:23 – Tony introduces returning guest, Fabio Agostini.

1:18 – Discussion about the difference of the European and American culture in the corporate world.

3:03 – Handling the component of the American culture in the business

6:20 – Comparison between previous guest Vijay Vijayasankar and Fabio’s point of view.

7:23 – Tony and Fabio talk about jet lag and time zone management.

8:05 – Fabio discuses about the bigger issue when having an international team.

9:55 – Fabio gives tips on how to setup meetings with teams on different time zones.

14:51 – Managing cross-cultural conflicts and cross time zone conflicts.

18:30 – Fabio shares his favorite books.

20:15 – Fabio talks about his hobbies.

22:20 – Episode closing.

Martin Plumlee on Executing to Standards Show Notes

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In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Tony interviews Martin Plumlee, Nashville Equity Partner at Career Partners International.

Martin Plumlee on Executing to Standards


Introduction of Episode

1:05 – Martin introduces himself and talks about his background and current career.

2:32 – Martin talks about his favorite Jimmy Valvano quote and why it deeply resonated with him.

3:35 – Martin and Tony talk about their music preferences.

4:40 – Martin talked about his experience in the military.

5:50 – Martin shares his significant wins and how it molded him to become the leader he is today.

7:19 – Your next customer or potential customer might be your windfall account, so you have to treat every customer special.

7:56 – “Executing to standard” discussion.

8:59 – “Unreflected life isn’t worth living.”

10:39 – Discussion about making sure the team executes the standard and determining what the standard is.

12:30 – Martin shares the struggles he has encountered along the way.

17:40 – Tony and Martin discusses about mentors and how it affected Martin in his career.

18:30 – Martin talked more about his experience as an Army Ranger.

20:42 – Martin discusses how to use your day wisely to get the most out of it.

22:00 – Tony and Martin share some closing thoughts.

23:05 – Episode closing



Authentic and Adaptive Leadership Show Notes

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In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Tony interviews Mark Miller, Vice President of Marketing at Emergenetics International. To listen to the episode, click the link below.

Mark Miller on Authentic and Adaptive Leadership  


Introduction of episode

1:55 – Mark introduces himself and talks about his background in marketing and what his company does.

4:25 – Mark talks about the challenges and opportunities that they face.

6:19 – Mark talks about the wins in his career and how it gave an impact to his leadership skills.

8:18 – Discussion about leading with ideas.

10:30 – Sustainability of Ideas and what it delivers.

11:40 – Mark talks about the huge challenges of organizations in executing the work.

13:25 – Tony talks about training and transformation and how it can be beneficial to the company.

14:03 – Mark talks about the challenges he has encountered as a leader.

15:30 – Mark discusses how to empower people to produce better results.

17:01 – People are your best differentiator in the company.

18:41 – Mark explains how he developed and became a leader.

20:08 – Mark talks about the qualities that a leader has to have.

21:13 – “Leaders are feeders.”

22:00 – Episode Closing



Insider Tips on How to Elevate Your Role Show Notes

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In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Tony interviews Howard Shore, President and Executive Coach at Activate Group.

To listen to the episode, click the link below.

Insider Tips on How to Elevate Your Role


Introduction of Episode

1:20 – Tony introduces his guest.

1:48 – Howard introduces himself and talks about his interests.

3:23 – Howard shares two of his favorite quotes.

4:25 – Howard shares his success stories.

8:20 – Tony and Howard discusses more about Howard’s 1st business.

9:50 – How to elevate your role – Tony and Howard discusses improving your role in the team or company.

13:05 – Increasing efficiency to become more productive.

14:10 – Howard shares the lessons he learned from his failures.

16:07 – Howard talks about how to look at opportunities properly.

18:30 – Tony and Howard talk about the interview process for a new role.

20:00 – Discussion about ensuring you get the right job.

22:03 – Howard shares how he grew and developed as a leader.

23:12 – 

23:34 – Episode closing


Captive Centers and Virtual Team Management Show Notes

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In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Tony interviews Dave Vanz, Sales and Marketing Manager of Intego Group, LLC.

To listen to the episode, click the link below.

Captive Centers and Virtual Team Management


Introduction of episode

1:15 – The 7 Ways to Build Trust in your Virtual Employees

1:43 – Dave introduces himself and talks about his family

6:00 – Tony talks about leadership

6:55 – Dave talks about volunteer work and serving in a church

7:30 – The 3 significant areas to look at to get to know people more

10:00 – Dave talks about how his process about getting to know people more

12:50 – Dave talks about how you can benefit, as a leader, in taking the time to get to know your people more

14:45 – Dave talks about his successes and how grew to become a leader

20:00 – Dave discusses how they started a social media site focused on promoting a city (Detroit)

22:15 – Tony asks Dave to give insights about how to become a leader

22:28 – How do you make things happen?

23:04 – Dave stresses the importance of the support of your family and loved ones

24:25 – Tony gives his input about the episode

25:00 – Episode closing


Dave’s Article:

The 7 Ways to Build Trust in your Virtual Employees


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Leading From a Different Cultural Perspective Show Notes

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In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Tony interviews Fabio Agostini from Monaco, CIO at Silversea Cruises. 

To listen to the episode, click the link below.

Leading From a Different Cultural Perspective Show Notes

2:30 – Fabio’s favorite quote.

3:18 – Fabio introduces and talks about himself.

4:50 – Every customer should get the premium service and experience of the company.

5:20 – Fabio talks about his successes

7:15 – Fabio talks about how his team encountered and beat the Millennium Bug.

9:45 – Tony shares how to take advantage of problem solving investment.

10:25 – Fabio shares how to set an example to your subordinates.

11:19 – Fabio talks about his other success stories.

13:50 – Fabio talks about the lessons he learned while he was working in the I.T. department of previous companies.

15:00 – Fabio talks about how different cultures have different work attitudes and approaches.

16:00 – Fabio shares about the struggles he had when he was still developing as a leader.

20:00 – Fabio talks about how to recover from a failure.

23:25 – Fabio discusses the story on how he became a leader.

24:38 – Perfect is the enemy of good.

25:20 – Episode Closing

Jim Bohn – Deep Dive Show Notes


Every leader has a potential blind spot, be it in communication, leadership or management. In this episode, Tony and Jim tackle the potential blind spots of leaders and how to remedy it.  To listen to it, click the link below.

ITR 20 – Jim Bohn (Deep Dive)


1:12 – Jim says most organizations get pretty excited about the latest shiny object. He stresses that we need to be cautious about that.

2:29 – The 8 Leadership Blind Spots

3:26 – Blind spots are unintentional and can negatively affect the team.

4:06 – Don’t teach them everything that you know, teach them what they need to know.

4:40 – Executives are so busy thinking about new initiatives that they talk about them as if other people already know what they’re talking about.

6:10 – Human nature sort of defaults to what they are comfortable with.

6:20 – Leaders will try to use their past successes in their current state and that is creating the world in their own image.

6:38 – How creating the world in your own image becomes a problem for you and your team.

8:35 – How sending conflicting signals affect team output and how to remedy it.

12:26 – Novelty will always win out over boredom.

12:36 – The reality with leaders and what they should do.

13:01 – Being Blue Collar – You don’t leave until the job is finished.

15:18 – Assuming that you communicate effectively with your team is also a blind spot most leaders have.

15:35 – Jim’s example about how communicating effectively leads to great results.

18:12 – Forgetting to check the rearview mirror is another blind spot.

19:10 – What the life in corporations look like today.

20:19 – What communication should be all about.

23:36 – How to spot a blind spot.

24:30 – Closing of episode.