Captive Centers and Virtual Team Management Show Notes

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In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Tony interviews Dave Vanz, Sales and Marketing Manager of Intego Group, LLC.

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Captive Centers and Virtual Team Management


Introduction of episode

1:15 – The 7 Ways to Build Trust in your Virtual Employees

1:43 – Dave introduces himself and talks about his family

6:00 – Tony talks about leadership

6:55 – Dave talks about volunteer work and serving in a church

7:30 – The 3 significant areas to look at to get to know people more

10:00 – Dave talks about how his process about getting to know people more

12:50 – Dave talks about how you can benefit, as a leader, in taking the time to get to know your people more

14:45 – Dave talks about his successes and how grew to become a leader

20:00 – Dave discusses how they started a social media site focused on promoting a city (Detroit)

22:15 – Tony asks Dave to give insights about how to become a leader

22:28 – How do you make things happen?

23:04 – Dave stresses the importance of the support of your family and loved ones

24:25 – Tony gives his input about the episode

25:00 – Episode closing


Dave’s Article:

The 7 Ways to Build Trust in your Virtual Employees


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