Dave Stachowiak on Maximizing the Potential of Teams and Organizations thru Coaching

Maximizing the Potential of Teams and Organizations thru Coaching


Dave StachowiakIn this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews Dave Stachowiak, leadership trainer, strategist, consultant, and educator at Coaching for Leaders. In addition to the Coaching for Leaders community, Dave serves as senior vice president of Dale Carnegie Training of Southern Los Angeles and vice president of their own firm, Innovate Learning.  At Dale Carnegie, he has been recognized with multiple international sales awards and listed as one of top instructors in the global business, per client evaluations. Through his work, he has served many organizations in training, coaching, and facilitation roles, including the Northrop Grumman Corporation, The Boeing Company, ExxonMobil, American Honda, and the University of California system.

In Episode 42 of Impact Teams Radio, Dave and Tony talk about maximizing human potential of teams and organizations. Dave explains how leaders are open to coaching these days. He thinks that most people are realizing how the model of management before is not really sufficient nowadays. Dave says that for the most part, people really want to get better at implementation velocity, as well as providing professional services. This is why people are more open to professional services training. Dave also explains that a lot of companies set aside resources for high impact coaching for process improvement, project implementation strategy and all around management skills.

Dave says that coaching is a permission based teaching. He says it is really up to the individual or organization to see if coaching is a valuable commodity or not. Coaching as described by Dave really affects organizational change as long as everybody involved is committed to it. Another point that Dave made in this interview is that the work force in this generation is the first generation that did need have to go to an authority figure to get information. This is because the availability of information nowadays is very abundant, thus creating a change in dynamics of leadership in terms of investing in people.

Dave and Tony also discuss about coaching models that Dave has used. Dave says that it is really important to understand where a person is coming from if you are planning to coach them. He says that no amount of professional communication skills will help if this basic understanding is not met. Listen to Dave Stachowiak and Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman in this week’s episode as the talk more about maximizing the potential of teams and organizations thru coaching.


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