Dave Vanz on Captive Centers and Virtual Team Management

Captive Centers and Virtual Team Management


dave vanz

In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Tony interviews Dave Vanz, Sales and Marketing Manager of Intego Group, LLC. Dave focuses on bringing innovative solutions to their brand’s sales and marketing division. Dave believes authenticity, quality, creativity and value are important in every decision we make as we consistently strive to be best-in-class.

In episode 22, Tony and Dave talk more about leadership, captive centers and virtual team management. Dave emphasizes that most people will eventually succumb to burn out. He also states that passion, knowledge and gifts are the 3 significant areas of life. Dave explains that passion is something that you would do for free and knowledge is something that you’ve learned along the way, something that you have acquired throughout your life. Gifts on the other hand, as Dave explains, are something that you were born with. Dave says once people identify these things, you can clearly see who and what they are, where do they fit in and what is motivating them. It is one way that a leader can do to help profile their team members.

Dave also shares about his successes and how he became a leader. Dave explains that he always loves tackling something new and different. He says that going against the grain is something he finds exciting. To Dave,

He explains that when you stir the pot, things happen and you put something in motion. It’s more than just going to work but being a part of your job and also serving your community. He also says that as a leader, when you start meeting other leaders, this is how your network will grow together with your business.

Another point that Dave stresses out in this interview is about the support of your family. He says that having

Listen to this week’s episode and get some insights on how to become a good leader.


Dave’s Article:

The 7 Ways to Build Trust in your Virtual Employees


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