Dave Vanz on Leveraging Outsourcing and Captive Centers

Dave Vanz on Leveraging Outsourcing and Captive Centers


dave vanz

In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews return guest Dave Vanz, Sales and Marketing Manager of Intego Group, LLC. Dave focuses on bringing innovative solutions to their brand’s sales and marketing division. Dave believes authenticity, quality, creativity and value are important in every decision we make as we consistently strive to be best-in-class.

In episode 28, Tony and Dave talk about leveraging outsourcing. Dave says that people see outsourcing in different ways. Most people think that by outsourcing projects to freelancers, you are paying a third of the price but you have to do the work three times over. Dave says that when you hire a freelancer, you don’t know what their working environment is and that the problem with hiring them is that you are not guaranteed a 100% of their dedication. To them, your project is just another way for them to make money since they also have other projects to take care of. Dave says that the difference between hiring a freelancer and their software developer is that their outsourcing model with a virtual employee is that it gives you a sort of in-house employee that works only for you.

Dave also discussed about their captive centers. Dave described that when their clients hire their captive centers, it’s almost like hiring in-house employees without having to physically build the workplace they need. He says that their savings rate is around 40%. Dave also discussed about best practices in their company. He says that their captive centers will work with clients to find the most efficient and best possible way to work on a project before doing it. He says that most people love that because it allows them to make sure that there isn’t any wasted time spent in working on a project. Listen to more of Dave and Tony’s insights on leveraging outsourcing and captive centers in Impact Teams Radio’s newest episode.



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