Eric Bloom on the Principles and Approaches of Smart Delegation Show Notes

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In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews Eric Bloom. Eric is the president and CTO of Manager Mechanics LLC. He is also known as one of the best keynote speaker, author, and specialist on IT careers, professional branding for IT technologists, and an expert in IT leadership and management training. Lastly, Eric brings a distinctive viewpoint and understanding on leadership issues, as well as what inspires IT professionals to become more successful.


Principles and Approaches of Smart Delegation


Introduction of Episode

0:27 – Tony Sherman introduces returning guest Eric Bloom.

0:51 – Tony shares about their conversation with Eric about Effective Smart Delegation.

0:59 – Tony asks Eric to talk more about Effective Smart Delegation.

1:44 – “If you want to be an effective manager, and you want to be a successful manager, and you don’t like to delegate, get over it”

2:35 – Tony asked Eric about what are the approaches related to delegation

6:33 – Eric shares the benefits of delegation: teaching new skills to someone on your team, telling someone that you want to invest time and effort in them to help them grow as a professional

8:33 – Eric discusses issues about delegation and self-defeating manager

9:35 – Eric talks about elegation to self and to others (1) “to do it myself by its nature”, (2) “One that I can delegate to someone”

11:39 – “There are some people who are single tasker’s and some people are multi-tasker’s”

13:50 – Tony asked Eric on How to manage people who are single tasker

16:09 – Eric talks more about program and lateral thinkers since they are a great support to the team

18:05 – Tony shares about the skill and capability of his three sons

20:41 – Eric said “if you have children, you have management experience”

21:41 – Eric recommends Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman and discussed more about it

25:51 – Eric left a powerful thought: “Do the right things for the right reasons”

26:47 – Episode closing

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