Eric Bloom on the Principles and Approaches of Smart Delegation

Principles and Approaches of Smart Delegation


eric bloomIn this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews returning guest Eric Bloom. Eric is the president and CTO of Manager Mechanics LLC, a company specializing in Information Technology (IT) leadership development training and the governing organization for the Information Technology Management and Leadership Professional (ITMLP©) and Information Technology Management and Leadership Executive (ITMLE©) certifications. Eric’s team provides strategic education to firms who value superior IT leadership, a strong teamwork ethic that can reduce friction, reduce confusion, IT innovation for competitive advantage, and planned succession to consciously control recruiting and retention.

Episode 46 focuses on smart delegation which is what is being done right now by leaders. Tony and Eric discusses the value of smart delegation to managers and employees. They talk about how managers can effectively delegate tasks with implementation velocity to the team.  According to Eric, it is not just telling people what to do. A lot of managers stumble with effective and smart delegation. With smart delegation, achieving the business objectives, training the staff and saving time are all achieved simultaneously.  It is a process improvement. By delegating tasks, the managers are telling their staff that they want to invest time and effort to help them grow as a professional.

Eric mentions that some managers, especially in virtual teams, do not delegate because of a mindset that they could have done it themselves and it could have been done better and faster. Conversely, Eric explains smart delegation can be effectively done if the people got everything they need for their tasks. Tony agrees with Eric on the principle of “Feed your people first.”This means, the managers should include implementation planning on the order of things to delegate among their people.

Eric also talks about the different characters of people. He mentions about delegating tasks according to their nature and splitting the tasks based on these people’s strength. These eventually reduce friction. Furthermore, Eric says that people think differently. Some are program thinkers who are good in production, support, scheduling and repetitive tasks. Others are innovative thinkers who look at how to figure out and improve the process; they are the problem solvers. Managers should have high impact coaching and play on the people’s tasks based on their strength. Eric then recommends a good book, Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. Eric

Listen to this week’s episode of Impact Teams Radio as Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Eric Bloom talks about the principles and approaches of smart delegation.


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