Glenn Leibowitz on Developing Your Team to Reach their Full Potential Show Notes

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In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews Glenn Leibowitz, Director of External Relations of McKinsley & Company in Greater China. Glenn Leibowitz believes that building quality relationships over time will open up more opportunities and mutual advantage to people.


Glenn Leibowitz on Developing Your Team to Reach their Full Potential


Introduction of Episode

00:25 – Tony introduces guest Glenn Leibowitz.

1:16 – Glenn explains the story behind his blog post “Are You Letting Your People Shine”.

4:55 – Glenn talks about the importance of showing appreciation to people.

6:30 – Glenn talks about how gratifying it feels to help his people and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

8:30 – Glenn talks about skills take time to be developed.

9:32 – Tony and Glenn talks about Greater China’s strategic horizon.

12:55 – Tony and Glenn discusses about building relationships is critical anywhere.

13:45 – Glenn talks about the quality of relationships he has built over a period of time.

17:18 – Tony and Glenn discuss about building long term relationship to people who are on short term assignments.

18:16 – Tony shares about having a blended approach in communication with the help of technology.

20:01 – Tony asks Glenn to come back for another interview in his next episode.

20:13 – Episode Closing

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