Glenn Leibowitz on Developing Your Team to Reach their Full Potential

Developing Your Team to Reach their Full Potential


glennIn this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews Glenn Leibowitz, Director of External Relations of McKinsley & Company, Greater China. Glenn leads marketing and publishing initiatives for McKinsey’s five Greater China locations, covering international and local media relations, digital publishing & marketing, social media, event planning, & reputation management.

Episode 40 of Impact Teams Radio emphasizes the importance of being a strategic networker and building relationships over a period of time.  Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman introduces his guest Glenn Leibowitz whom he found through his LInkedIn blog post “Are You Letting Your People Shine.” Glenn shares the story behind his blog post in which he learned the importance of giving credits when it is due. He further explains that people need to be appreciated whether privately or publicly in order to feel motivated. Tony and Glenn also talk about the leadership styles Glenn has learned from his winning and losing experiences that made an impact in him and shaped his leadership styles.

Glenn shares how proud he feels in being able to develop the people he has worked with over a period of time and seeing them overcome their weaknesses and building on their strengths. He mentions that it is very gratifying to see people progress and take up new and bigger roles. Glenn agrees with Tony about the power of a strategic network as a resource issue and not a manipulative thing. He elaborates that building relationships is very critical anywhere to reduce friction. What needs to be done right now is to create quality relationships that will open up opportunities. He and Tony discuss the qualities of a leader. One of which is to be present in building trust based relationships in order to reduce rework and get things done to be able to increase implementation velocity and customer impact. He says that in professional services teams, building trust is a must and doing that is a necessity especially when handling virtual teams. With improved services by reaching their full potential, it will directly relate to an increase in customer loyalty.

Listen to this week’s episode of Impact Teams Radio as Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Glenn Leibowitz talk about developing your team to reach their full potential.



Glenn’s Article in LinkedIn:

Are You Letting Your People Shine?


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