Glenn Leibowitz on Leadership Communication and Inspiring People Show Notes


In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews Glenn Leibowitz, Director of External Relations of McKinsley & Company in Greater China. Glenn Leibowitz and Tony discussed about networking, blended communication channels and other communication ideas that will create a great impact in becoming an inspiring leader.


Glenn Leibowitz on Leadership Communication and Inspiring People


Introduction of Episode

00:25 – Tony introduces returning guest: Glenn Leibowitz.

1:12 – Glen talks about his blog post “The Best Presentation Ever.”

2:59 – Tony mentions about keeping slideshows minimalistic.

3:56 – Glen states that everyone want to be inspired.

4:15- Glen talks about leaders need to learn and practice over a period of time the craft of inspiring people.

5:45 – Tony and Glen discuss about an approach to communications on mediums of communication specifically email.

10:35 – Glen emphasizes on being authentic and truthful in communication in getting the message across the audience.

14:41 – Tony and Glen discuss about communication in the professional business.

15:04 – Glen explains the power of blogging and how LinkedIn become very effective on this.

18:05 – Tony thanks Glen for sharing his time and talking  about leadership communication.

18:20 – Episode Closing

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