Glenn Leibowitz on Leadership Communication and Inspiring People

Leadership Communication and Inspiring People


glennIn this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews returning guest Glenn Leibowitz, Director of External Relations of McKinsley & Company, Greater China.

This Episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Glen Leibowitz talk about communication ideas particularly in leadership communication. They discussed Glen’s blog post in his LinkedIn account which talks about the best presentation he has experienced. He described how the speaker delivered a presentation that made a very profound impact on him and that the message was delivered powerfully. Tony adds, what can be done right now is keeping slideshows minimalistic and putting more stories in it rather than putting up numerous slides. Glen talks about creating an effect of having that impact to inspire people is a skill and it can be developed over time. This will also reduce friction in professional services teams. He emphasizes on how everyone wants to be inspired either by listening, watching or reading.

They also talk about the concept of writing an email. Tony asks Glen for some tips and tricks for leaders on writing emails. According to Glen, a leader needs to create an approach or mindset that will accentuate positivity, reduce rework and discuss more on the good things that are happening. They also talk about truthfulness and authenticity in communication. Through their discussions, you can create an implementation plan on how to improve your communication methods. Essentially, their discussion is about how to have professional communication skills and applying it in virtual team management or any team management for that matter. Being authentic and truthful can also help in process improvement and implementation strategy.

Tony and Glen also talk about communication in professional business. This was highlighted in another article written by Glen entitled “Why LinkedIn’s Blogging Platform is Crushing It.” They discuss about what the power of blogging gives to people. Glen explains that blogging in LinkedIn and in any other platforms gives individuals or companies an avenue to publish their ideas on any topic that they deem interesting or relevant. It can also help in putting the business in the right market and create customer loyalty. Glen sees LinkedIn as a very powerful and effective platform to reach markets.

Listen to this week’s episode of Impact Teams Radio as Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Glen Leibowitz talk about networking, blended communication channels and other communication ideas that will create a great impact in becoming an inspiring leader.

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