Heather Hansen O’Neill on Igniting Your Team’s Fire Show Notes

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In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews Heather Hansen O’Neill, author and professional trainer and coach. She is an award winning speaker, author, and coach presenting to organizations and corporations on transition, relationships, and joyful living.


Heather Hansen O’Neill on Igniting Your Team’s Fire


Introduction of Episode


1:01 – Tony Introduces Heather Hansen O’Neill

1:15 – Heather talks about her background.

1:52 – Heather talks about where the concept of fire in her books comes from

3:20 – Tony and Heather discuss who would benefit most after reading her books

6:26 – Tony and Heather explore the concepts discussed in the book Teams on Fire

8:51 – “You can accomplish any How if you have a strong enough Why.”

9:44 – The “Attitude of Gratitude” conversation

11:58 – Heather talks about where to start when applying the concepts in the book

14:28 – Heather shares some of her proudest moments and her book has accomplished

17:21 –Tony and Heather talk about bringing people together to get them fired up

18:42 – Heather’s best recommendation

19:32 – Episode Closing


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