Heather Hansen O’Neill on Igniting Your Team’s Fire

Igniting Your Team’s Fire


Heather Hansen ONielIn this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews Heather Hansen O’Neill, author and professional trainer and coach. She is an award winning speaker, author, and coach presenting to organizations and corporations on transition, relationships, and joyful living. Heather helps sales teams, service groups, and project managers better understand themselves, their teammates, and discover what they need to do to adapt their behavior for optimal communication success. Heather is also the president of Fire in Five, a company dedicated to helping thousands of companies and people deepen their relationships to increase their income and joyfully live the life of their dreams.

In Episode 43 of Impact Teams Radio, Tony and Heather mostly talk about the book Teams on Fire that Heather wrote. Heather says that people who are starting small businesses and want to bring in more people will greatly benefit after reading her book, as well as those people who want to acquire professional communication skills. This is because the book allows them to wrap their head to the concept of being the leader of their team. It also shows what professional services is all about and ultimately delivers the best customer impact. Heather states that the book is really for people who want to inspire and develop process improvement. The book is also good for professional services teams and project managers who are managing constantly changing teams in order to reduce rework, reduce confusion and reduce friction. Tony says what is being done right now by project managers is that they usually pack things together to make sure that every team knows what they are supposed to do.

Tony and Heather also talk about what qualities do people need to bring to boost implementation strategy and help out delivery momentum. Heather also explains that the biggest issue in today’s team oriented organizations is the fear of not knowing. She says that leaders need to be transparent with regards to the changes that they are heading and anything else that greatly impacts the company. Listen to this week’s episode as Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Heather Hansen O’Neill talk about how to ignite the fire of your team.


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