Howard Shore on Building Core Values

Building Core Values


IHoward shoren this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews return guest Howard Shore, President and Executive Coach at Activate Group. Howard is a family oriented man who has held various leadership positions including CEO, and has more than 25-year track record of exceptional results in multinational, public and private companies, across many industries and businesses that range from start-up to Fortune 500, including Ryder Systems, AutoNation and KPMG.

In Impact Teams Radio episode 27, Tony and Howard discussed about companies that are good in paper but necessarily have a great core. Tony believes that these companies basically have a glass ceiling in terms of their capabilities because they are not looking after their core. Howard also added that the difference between the companies that really excel and the ones that are only doing okay is their focus on the core of the company. Companies that understand how to drive and inspire the employees around a purpose and build a core set of values are what makes a company really successful. Howard also talked about core values. He compared it parenting, saying that you need to make a few set of rules, not too many; otherwise, people won’t remember it.

In this episode, Tony and Howard also talked about the challenges of building core values. Howard said that the challenge of building core values is not about coming up with one, but by implementing and applying it. This is very true to professional services companies. He says that if there is a disconnect between what is written in the website or handbook and the actual behavior of the company leaders, then developing the core values will be useless. People will see what you do. They won’t see what you say. Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how to build core values.


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