Jim Bohn on Management Change and Organizational Efficacy

Management Change and Organizational Efficacy


JBIn this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews returning guest Jim Bohn. Jim is known to be the practical leader and considers himself as the blue collar scholar. At present, he is now an author of his very first book called “Architects of Change: Practical Tools for Executives to Build, Lead and Finish Organizational Initiatives”. Jim Bohn also works as a motivational speaker since he wants to lead and transform several failing and under-performing teams to achieve valued level of success thru process improvement of change. He has also led important projects related to change management such as mergers, IT implementation planning and reorganizations. He is also a master facilitator that led scores of seminars and workshops with wonderful and professional audiences.

Episode 47 talks about the newly released book of Jim Bohn called “Architects of change: Practical tools for executives to build, lead and finish organizational initiatives”. He wants to emphasize thru this book that whether an executive or leader is starting a big or small change in their business organization, changing implementation process is not an easy task. The book covers a lot of important ideas and details related to change such as the foundation, fundamentals, structures, implementation strategy, developmental rationale and the whole analogy of change management. Also, according to him, this book is intended for those leaders who want to start a professional change to reduce friction within their team and business organization.

Tony asked Jim to talk more about his newly released book. Jim Bohn explained that change management is just like asking a person to change the tire of a running bus. He also explained that in a world obsessed by unlimited work demands and endless social media disturbance, people desire some form of certainty to allow them to achieve success. Although organizational change presents a lot of professional opportunities, it also presents risks since every single part of the organization will be touched by change. In addition, Jim explained that in order to achieve change successfully, executives must continue to communicate with their team and that they also must encourage their team that change must be done right now. Lastly, Tony asked Jim to talk more about organization efficacy. Jim said that “Doing a change effectively, builds organization efficacy”. In order to achieve organizational change, it requires greater attention to details, encourage professional communication skills and more devotion to change. Listen to this week’s episode of Impact Teams Radio as Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Blue Collar Scholar Jim Bohn talks about change management and organizational efficacy.


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