Mark Miller Insider Tips on Behavioral Dynamics and Common Language

Insider Tips on Behavioral Dynamics and Common Language


mark millerIn this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews returning guest Mark Miller, Vice President of Marketing at Emergenetics International. Mark has 10 years of branding, marketing, communication and leadership experience in agency, consultative and client side environments under his belt. He is also very skilled in creating and executing strategic marketing initiatives based on extensive market research and tied to metrics and business objectives.

Episode 31 of Impact Teams Radio talks about behavioral dynamics and common language. Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Mark Miller discuss how behavioral dynamics affects professional services and how it impacts team or leadership settings. Mark explains that leaders in standard and virtual teams usually exhibit fairly gregarious levels of expressiveness. They are comfortable with leading discussions and meeting lots of people. He also explains how people tend to overlook things in a behavioral dynamics perspective that greatly impacts team performance. He says that you run the risk of losing engagement when people feel that their ideas are not being heard. This will ultimately affect the professional services or product being offered by the team/virtual team. What is being done right now by Emergenetics International, especially in Mark’s team, is that they are actively seeking people with different behavioral dynamics that can help complement Mark’s way of leadership to provide maximum customer impact.

Mark also talks about culture and awareness. He says that when these two things are present among the team, that’s where common language is formed among the client and team members. Mark adds that asking directly the team members about their thoughts and ideas for a certain matter will create a bond that will reduce friction and make them feel involved. The emphasis in the discussions is about building a common language to be able to create an open arena where people can come with different perspective so you can create trust, reduce friction and build a strong relationship within the team. Listen to this week’s episode of Impact Teams Radio as Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Mark Miller talk about insider tips on behavioral dynamics and common language.


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