Roger Grannis on Investing in Yourself and Taking the Right Job Show Notes

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In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews guest Roger Grannis. Roger is a well known speaker, instructor, and communications trainer. He likes bringing out the best in people and knows how to make them shine, whether on the stage, across the meeting table, or over the phone.


Roger Grannis on Investing in Yourself and Taking the Right Job


Introduction of Episode


1:06 – Tony introduces Roger.

1:50 – Roger talks about his background.

3:10 – Roger shares his stint with a multi-million dollar company, Gartner.

4:42 – Roger shares his experience when he felt that he wasn’t a good fit to a company anymore and how he handled it.

5:18 – “Just because something fits you know doesn’t mean it will in 5 years time.”

6:00 – Tony and Roger talk about taking charge of your own career.

9:10 – Roger shares the tools and techniques he used when he underwent his own “career audit “.

12:43 – Roger shares a major loss of his career that helped him develop as a leader.

16:10 – “You need to be confident about what your strengths are.”

16:41 – Roger shares how he developed his leadership skills.

16:52 – “In corporate America, there is a lack of good mentors.”

20:12 – Taking ownership of your career path.

21:40 – Episode Closing

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