Sandy Sears on Organizational Transformation and the Positions It Carries

Organizational Transformation and the Positions It Carries


Sandy SearsIn this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews returning guest Sandy Sears. Sandy has a wide array of experience in leadership and management. She is a strong, compassionate, visionary leader capable of delivering a clear and compelling vision while articulating and executing on details. The foundation of her success rests on her ability to build a cohesive, effective team as she leverages the diverse talents and perspectives of her team members. As one of her past coworkers describes, “Sandy can work with lots of different types of people. She encourages diversity of style and encourages the debate to create a better outcome. Everyone feels valued with the end product.

In episode 37, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Sandy Sears discuss transformational positions. Sandy and Tony discuss the concept of transformation in organizations that strive to get the best customer impact. What is being done right now is that transformational positions are being applied in projects. Organizational transformation is also quite the rage these days, Sandy explains. Tony Sherman and Sandy sears also unpacked the concept of organizational transformation. Sandy adds that in a transformation, a leader is not necessarily the person with the highest title. Leaders of transformation can come from any role. A leader is based on passion and not on position. The purest measurement of leadership is influence. A person who can influence the group for the better can reduce friction, reduce rework and reduce confusion.

In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Tony also adds that transformations enable people to do more than they think they can do. Tony emphasized that nobody comes to work with the intent to produce bad work. Sandy also discusses the challenges of organizational transformation. She says that in professional services teams, especially in virtual teams, the true transformation is something that never ends. In a true transformation, the most challenging to sustain is interest. This is very true in the corporate world. Listen to this week’s episode of Impact Teams Radio as Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Sandy Sears talk about organizational transformation and the positions it carries.


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