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Connecting People to the Right People


Shelley smithThe very core of her business is all about connection. This is Shelly Smith’s simple secret to motivating people, this week’s guest for Impact Teams Radio. Tony Sherman interviews Shelly Smith -Executive Leadership Coach and Founder of Premier Rapport – a company that focuses on over all leadership, executive coaching, organizational development and behavioral assessment, predictive index and corporate wellness.

Shelly’s journey started at the early age of 12, when she was introduced to the world of working and getting up early in the morning and doing the right thing. She carved her path to the corporate structure at Marriot International where she learned the foundation and structure in knowledge that led her to the hospitality industry.

She talks about how people, colleagues, ex- employees and associates. She also discusses being able to raise others game as an individual can help in becoming what you want to be. For her, it brought her to discover what she is passionate about.

She shares how the continued connections she had with previous associates and the solid relationships she had nurtured with colleagues and clients helped her uncover her passion for encouraging and coaching leaders. Shelly also shares about how she helped senior leaders in motivating, succession planning and managing people.

She revealed that one of her secrets to success was simply connecting people to the right people, to the right resources in the right manner and helping them lift their game.

Shelly Smith believes that even top executives need to be motivated and that people need to be treated like they need to be treated. Finding their motivational needs, wants and desires are fundamental along with listening. Learn more about engaging and motivating people in this episode of Impact Teams Radio.

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