Steve Lishansky on Leading Change on a Consistent and Constructive Basis

Leading Change on a Consistent and Constructive Basis


Steve Lishansky

In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman interviews Steve Lishansky, Speaker, Coach, Facilitator, Author & Results Accelerator for CEO’s, CIO’s, leadership teams, & top technical experts. Steve is a sought after Keynote Speaker, Hall of Fame Executive Coach, and Expert Facilitator for creating Strategic Alignment™ of Leadership Teams. Steve is also the founder and principal of Optimize International, a company that coaches, develops and educates leaders, influencers and managers who are committed to profoundly inspiring, impacting and improving the success of their people, organizations, and clients.

In episode 33 of Impact Teams Radio, Tony and Steve talk about how to lead change on a consistent and constructive basis. Steve stresses the importance customer impact assessment and making sure that you satisfy the client’s needs. What Steve says is that professional services training involves making sure that you know what your client’s needs are. He says that you’re role is ensuring that you are giving your clients what they need most and not just what they are asking for. He is proud to say that this is what is being done right now by the people that he has coached and trained.

  What they look for is the end result that will provide maximum value for the client. You can say that professional services teams have a confusion assessment method to identify the real problem and determine the end result that would make the biggest difference to their situation.

Tony and Steve also discuss about professional service providers being on point on how to provide the right steps that would help a company satisfy their client’s needs and wants. Steve also shared that corporate training programs should be directed to a path where they can achieve the best change that would not only be profitable for them, but also to their clients. Listen to this week’s episode of Impact Teams Radio as Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Steve Lishansky talk about leading change on a consistent and constructive basis.

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