The Best of Impact Teams Radio – Dennis Golden

Paying Attention to Prostate Cancer

dgThis week, we feature Impact Teams Radio’s Best Episodes. First up is our interview with Dennis Golden. Dennis is the CEO of IM Safe, Past President of the National Speaker Association Connecticut and one of the founders of Prostate Cancer Speaks. For this episode, Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Dennis discuss a sensitive health issue that corporate America should pay attention to, Prostate Cancer.

Tony Sherman and Dennis Golden focus on topics like how prostate cancer affects your physical, mental and work status, and how to catch it early and receive the proper treatment. Dennis highlights the need for corporate America to address this issue because men in the VP and management level are often those who are already at high risk for this type of cancer. Apart from that, men as young as 30 can also fall prey to this disease. When diagnosis is late, this often leads to immediate surgery that will require weeks off work, affecting the bottom line profitability from a business stand point.

Listen to one of our best episodes as Implementation Rabbi Tony Sherman and Dennis Golden discuss important topics that leaders in Corporate America should be aware of.

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